About Cornerstone

Cornerstone Business Solutions, LLC is a Virtual Call Center and resourceful platform to maximize visibility and inbound business. Our Platform is a dashboard of multiple business apps that offer a diversified selection of customized, All-in-One, Virtual solutions and Digital Marketing Products to small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) . Our company focuses on building business foundations using DIY (Do It Yourself) or DIFM (Do It For Me) services. This allows us to support your business to promote and build virtual success, outstanding reputations and online presence. The bonus of our platform is that it’s all accessed through ONE convenient and centralized location. Everything to basically build your own business.

Marketing Tools
Work From Home

We educate business owners by sharing resources that range from business plan dashboards from Live Plan to Social Media Agency Packages with Quickbooks. The strategic compilations of our virtual tools are called Business Builder Bundles. These will ultimately be the foundational blocks to leverage and grow your business with solid results.

We offer support so that all areas of your business can receive needed attention for maximized growth and development. Business strategy consults are used to streamline our clients services with their own valued client base to maintain and build online business’ rapport and meaningful relationships.

Moreover, We offer flexibility to choose from the best products and services that increase productivity and show measurable, achievable and timely results. Our variety of business services and products of digital marketing include:



Personal and Business Emails

Listing Builders to multiple Directories

Automated Email Marketing


Website Builders

Online Communications

Performance Monitoring

Social Media Management


EIN and LLC formation….and More!

We aim to help maintain optimal performance and help leverage your company’s Brand and business goals with end-to end virtual solutions. Working closely with businesses from one end of the spectrum to the other promotes high level support to individual entrepreneurs with smaller organizational needs to larger businesses with more complex needs . Digital Marketing and virtual solutions are essential to your business’s success.

Our Call center has assisted hundreds of Certified agents with the opportunity to work in their own virtual space, successfully, while maintaining the home front. Why? Cause there’s No Place Like Home! We work with students, Military, veterans, stay-at-home moms/dads and those who want to be a part of growing virtual trend.

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