Great WAH Opportunities to Get Started Today!

Hey Everyone!!

Cornerstone is a Premier Company that has been able to achieve its status based on our Dynamic CSP’s!

These CSP’s exihbit :

High Commitment Adherence





Did I say Committed? (wink)

…and they Love to work from home!

We are looking for these folks to help to provide this type of service for Arise and Cornerstone.

At the moment we have great opportunities on the portal that we are offering partial vouchers for enrollment.

Intuit- $7

Cruise line – $15

Theme Park Resorts – $15

Timeshare – $15

However, we need committed individuals to sign up. They know they will be in attendance 100% of the time for certification, they will service IMMEDIATELY after they certify, and they will have a 90-100% commitment adherence, which means you are on time for work and will show up.

This way we can continue to help others get started working from home and we can maintain professional  and healthy business connections with Arise and their clients. We want only to be able to provide our best be cause we know there’s NO Place Like Home!

Those who can not meet these requirements need not apply.

We look forward to working with you to help you to be successful working from home.

Kind Regards,

Makiba SImmons Ahearn

CEO of Cornerstone Business Solutions, LLC
Contact Ph#: 1-828-619-0440
Remember, There’s No Place Like Home!