57 thoughts on “Application

  1. Samantha K Hibbard says:

    I just sent in my application. Very excited to join your team! Can’t wait to get started!!!!

    • msahearn says:

      Hi Samantha we’re ready to get you started please give us a call at your earliest convenience

      • gorgeous beauty says:

        This isn’t Samantha’s email.
        On Sun, Jun 23, 2019, 12:23 PM Cornerstone Business Solutions, LLC wrote:
        > msahearn commented: “Hi Samantha we’re ready to get you started please > give us a call at your earliest convenience” >

  2. Destiny says:

    Just sent in my application can’t wait to start!!0

  3. Donella Chevalier-Hamlett says:

    I can’t wait to get started.

  4. Erica Eddings says:

    I’m ready 😁

  5. Catrice says:

    I completed my application and I am looking forward to this opportunity.

  6. Jacqueta Crowder says:

    Looking forward to this opportunity.

  7. Carlos Trujillo says:

    I have completed my application, and looking forward to joining the Arise Team. My previous employers used Arise as a back-up for their call center, and this is how I became aware of this work-from-home opportunity. Hopefully and eventually, I will be referring my wife to the team.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  8. Maria Rowe says:

    Hello, I have completed my application and survey. Ready for the next step .

    • msahearn says:

      Hi Maria! Thank you for completing these forms. We talked already and you are already in the system and will be receiving a series of emails from arise and from our company that you need to read thoroughly and follow. We look forward to working with you.

  9. Avis Tucker says:

    Ms. Makiba S. Ahearn, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thank you for judging me on my professional character and my work performances, my skills and not on the judgment of a negative opinions. I promise that you have made a wise investment. You’ve invested into a valuable, loyal, dependable and respectful Customer Service Representative. I will offer you nothing less but professionalism, integrity, respect and due diligence. All that I ask is that we keep the lines of communications open with honesty and compassion to each other. I am so excited to work with you. I’m looking forward to learning new things, growth potential and having our company to excell with profits and prosperity.

  10. Angela Lewallen says:

    I am already with arise can you please send me your EIN number?

  11. anthony says:

    hi waiting for response

  12. Cinthia says:

    Hi I did my application so what is next for me to get started?

  13. I’m so excited, thank you for the opportunity to move forward into what I have been exploring for such a long time.

  14. Jennifer Ladouceur says:

    Very excited to get started…

  15. Stephanie Johnston says:

    I finished the application but there is no option for hours. I’m available to work only weekdays however I have the occasional doctor’s appointment that I would need to attend. I went for an at home job because I dont drive. I have computer skills along with customer service skills

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Stephanie thank you for submitting your information this is not a opportunity that allows you to work as explained before you do have to go through training before you can start work

  16. Christy harrison says:

    My application is done, I can’t wait to start this journey! What do I do next?

  17. Christy harrison says:

    I can’t wait to start this new journey! Where do I go from here!

  18. Dominique Stinson says:

    I can’t wait to begin this money making journey!

  19. Emanuel Saunders says:

    Just completed my application.

  20. Tiffany says:

    I did my application so what the next step for me

  21. Brandi Burkhart says:

    If I have already joined arise and I am looking for someone to join under do I still need to fill out an application or just add your VSC number or EIN number?

  22. Anne says:

    What kind of financial commitment are you folks looking for?

  23. Teresa Kelly says:

    Hi I did my application so what is next for me to get started?

  24. jackie says:

    I finished the application !

  25. Jessie Richardson says:

    I filled out my application but did not see where to click for hours. I am available any day of the week for any time. Also having trouble finding the link for the webinar.

  26. Anne Sweeney says:

    It wouldn’t let me check other than able to work hours.

  27. Brandi Donaldson says:

    I just applied for a job! I also was unable to click on all the options that apply to me. I was referred to this company from Everest university. I hope to hear back soon.

  28. Lakisha Hoke says:

    I have more than just basic computer skills however it would not allow me to pick more than one response.



    • msahearn says:

      Hello Fredrick.Were you able to join the webinar? We also have tried to reach you on several occassions. Please set up an inetrview time according to your schedule.

  30. Morgan Ray says:

    Hello! I wanted to inform you that I also have computer skills and that I am available 15-25 hours a week. There was a problem pasting my resume, so my career counselor at Everest University has forwarded my resume to one of your representatives. Thank you for your time!

  31. kira Nemeth says:

    Hello Just wanted to let you know I did the application. 🙂

  32. Ann Sutton says:

    I wanted to click the additional options such as Am I 18 or older? Yes, Am I legally able to work in US? Yes And can I commit 15 to 25 hrs a week? Yes. But for some reason i was only able to click one option. And same with the experience section, i have experience in multiple things but I was only able to select one. Just thought I would let you know.

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