Benefits of Joining CBSLLC

girl work from homeWe are open, professional,  and ready to assist you be successful in your journey in working from home, we also offer GREAT benefits for joining Cornerstone Business Solutions!

  •  Military specials (be sure to contact us prior to the admissions process for information)
  •  CSP Referral Program (Up to $50 per referral)
  •  Reimbursement for Client Certification (up to $100).
  • Vouchers
  • CSP support 24/7
  •  Performance Bonus
  •  Contractors (1099)    
  •  Direct Deposit
  •  Receive bonuses/incentives directly to your pay check
  •  No fees for joining Business Cornerstone
  •  Acknowledgement of Metrics or Performances
  • No Service Fee for one pay period on your Bday Month
  • We do have the lowest service fee rate at only $10 per pay period to cover payroll and your 1099 at the end of the year. YUP ONLY $10  and you dont have to pay a CPA to add up the taxes you’ll incur as your own business owner.
  • Arise’s fees will be $19.75. We are one of the lowest in the industry!! Join today!!



* Claim items like a new computer, internet connection, telephone line, electricity, and other work expenses on taxes.


11 thoughts on “Benefits of Joining CBSLLC

  1. Tiffany says:

    Do you have a certain amount of time that a CSP has to agree to work with your company before they can start their own IBO?

  2. Janice Cauthen says:

    Hello, I have sign up with your company 2015. My husband had surgery that left him confined to a wheelchair. I had to put everything on hold. Now I ready to get back into action. The problem is I have Windows 10, I am having problems with the pc check and did everything that is listed. I also see most of the jobs are windows 7, 8, 8.1. ID # 844801.

  3. Krista Mureness says:

    I just signed up for your IBO and I just had a couple of questions. Do I get paid for training? What does your service fee cover? When you say inclusive of Arise’s service fee does that mean you cover that $19 Arise fee? Are the service fees tax write offs?

  4. Janice Cauthen says:

    I just finished my CSP 101 with Arise, and notice your listing. All of this is new to me. Over the course of years I’ve been wanting to work from home, but was afraid of being scammed again. I am now ready to make a commitment. I would like to hear more about your company, so I can make a decison.

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Janice Please click on our scheduling link today so that we can talk with you. Also fill out our application on the left. One of our team members willreach out to you today.

  5. Jennette Davidson says:

    I am interested in joining your company. Please, contact me via email.


  6. Reanna Manigault says:

    Hello Makiba. My name is Reanna Manigault. I spoke with you via phone. I havent yet received an email from you. I am very interested in joining your company. I have quite a few questions and even moreso, I wanted to see the contract that I would sign with you before putting your EIN # in my profile. I want to begin a class soon so Please email me asap. Thank you

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Reanna,

      Left you a voice mail earlier this morning and set up an appointment to talk. Please let me know if your account is active. Iwas waiting on you to verify that it was ok.

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