Pledge Drive Data Customer Service Positions

Good Morning Everyone!  As most of you know I own a business called Cornerstone business Solutions LLC  and we are a Virtual Work from Home Call Center.  We have numerous projects (customer service, Inbound Calls only) and we are currently needing agents for our Pledge Drive project as well as other projects.  This is a great project and a great way to make some extra money.  (This is not a get rich quick, and you will not make 50,000.00 per paycheck). This is a Legitimate project and its great extra money. I am posting the information below.  If you are interested I am in need of 1000 agents for our upcoming drive (you stay active and it is a year round position).  Please follow the instructions below if you are interested or know someone who is then please share the information.  Please email me with your information to (the information requested below) I will add you to the list for Tuesday nights Registration session (takes about 45 minutes in my zoom room). You will get the link to the zoom room on Tuesday morning (just so it doesn’t get lost in everyones email:). Please see the post below:

We are in need of your help! I have had the Pleasure of working with Cindy who has contracted with ACD for 8 years now and this is a GREAT project! I need 1000 agents to be certified for our next pledge drive! You are taking INBOUND calls only and taking the pledges that customers are calling in to make. YOU ARE NOT SOLICITING, this is customer service/Data Entry only! If you are looking for Part Time and some extra money for the holidays this is a great project. THIS IS NOT A SEASONAL PROJECT! This Is year round and you have the opportunity to make really good money! The certification is Self-Paced (I have a zoom room open for assistance). You will attend a registration and an onboarding session with me so I walk everyone through the entire process.
The call volume is HUGE during pledge drive time and you have the potential to make really great money!
The call volume is very heavy nights and weekends! It is a 24/7 project. Below are the system requirements needed. You do not need a hardline phone for this project. You will just need a USB Headset.

We are in need of everyone’s help!!! We need 1000 agents to meet our numbers for our pledge drive project for the Current Pledge Drive! It is a fun and lucrative position! The sooner you get signed up, the sooner you can start working!
The client is 24/7, and this position is an independent contracting position.
Please send the following information to the email below or reply to this email:

Name (legal Name)
Phone Number
Email Address

Equipment Requirements:
Must have Windows 10
Must have Internet Explorer 10 or newer
Must have Antivirus installed
Must have DSL or faster hard wired internet
Must have a hands-free USB softphone noise cancelling headset (These can be obtained on Amazon for around $35 or so, and we are happy to provide a link upon request)

You must be able to pass a background check with no felonies.
The cost is Reduced Currently to $30.00 and that does cover your background check, registration and certification and is nonrefundable.
You must be computer literate, able to follow a strict script and be able to work at least 15 hours per week during pledge drive time Y
I cannot stress to everyone enough how much of an awesome project this is and what a great money maker it is! Pay is $.18-.32 cents per talk time minute We have agents that make $15-2500.00 per pay period during pledge drive months!! Seriously everyone this is a GREAT project! It is all INBOUND calls, no Soliciting and no outbound calls!
This is a Great Compliment to Arise because it is 24/7 you do not have to sit in a class.
You can be certified and working in less than 2 weeks!
You will stay active all year round! Its great full time if you want it to be during drive time and part time the rest of the time!
YOU ARE NOT SOLICITING PLEDGES!!! This Is INBOUND CALLS ONLY and basically you are doing Data Entry but talking with the donor while you are doing it!
Reduced Course Cost: *****$30.00****. (This is for your Background Check)
Send payment through PayPal to:
Make sure that you enter your name in the notes section for payment.
If you are interested or know someone who is interested – reply directly to this email and send me the following information you can also share this email with anyone that you know is interested please email me at this email with the information below. Once payment has been made through PayPal then you will receive an email from me with the link to my registration class.

Here is the schedule (8 p.m. EST):
Tuesday Night- Registration
Thursday Night-Onboarding
Monday Wednesday will be CERTIFICATION.

ACD does not contract in the following states:
South Dakota
West Virginia

Please call me with any questions you may have!

Makiba SimmoOwner
Cornerstone Business Solutions LLC
Arise Gold Premier Partner
ACD Direct IBO Partner
Office: 828-619-0440

Work From Home Training Courses


Whether you have the experience or not we will train you!

We are offering complimentary Remote Customer Service and Pledge Drive Agent courses for a variety of work from home Positions.

Choose your client and hours! Contact us for more information at or set up an appointment to speak with us!

This is an exciting opportunity to Earn Extra Income!


Work at Home Opportunity Fund

During these unprecedented times and with the ongoing economic rehabilitation consistently in the news Cornerstone is offering the Work From Home Opportunity Fund! Allowing us to assist you to be a part of our team is just another alternative to successfully reach personal, financial and career goals.

We are assisting those who are eligible to receive vouchers , we offer the lowest IBO fee and we still give referral bonuses along with other incentives exclusively from our company!




$300 Incentive for Bed and Breakfast client!

Apply Today!

Our bed and breakfast client $14 an hour to start with amazing incentives! You may be eligible for up to $300 if you work with this client and sign on with them for their training class at start September 8th 2020!

You may also be eligible for our new agent sign up as well of $100 so please contact us today to find out more about this incredible opportunity! We need you!

Call and leave a msg or arrange a meet and greet!!


SmartSelectImage_2016-10-29-11-25-20Cornerstone has over 700+ agents on our team and we try our best to keep up with the demand  for  NEW AND TENURED AGENTS request to join our Dynamic Team!!


Now we are offering a $100 sign on bonus to New Agents who want to get started by creating an account and work from home for our established clients . Please contact us for further details on this fantastic opportunity to work from home with our growing company.  We would like you to be a part of our CBS Family!

During these unprecedented times work from home opportunities have opened so many doors. More specifically our door has always been open but we invite you in with a little more comfort and support.





New Client For Reloadable Payment Methods – 5-9 Month Project

Gift cardsOur Client provides single-load (gift, corporate gift, incentive, mall and rebate) and
reloadable products (general purpose, benefits, government disbursement,
healthcare, incentive, payroll, remittance, teen/family and travel).


Please logon to the portal to see the requirements for this project. It pay $11 per hr!

Amazing Chat Opportunity

This is a chat support program where agents will take 3 concurrent chats
while assisting  customers same day Pick up and Delivery Grocery service.
• Agents will answer, manage, and document inbound customer
contacts to initiate, verify, change or cancel orders, and other general
inquiries regarding the Client’s product and services
• Represent the Clients brand and spirit by demonstrating empathy
for the customer, empowering and partnering with the customer, and
personalizing the experience.
• Demonstrate a customer obsessed attitude and do whatever is
needed to ensure total customer resolution.

Inbound Customer Service Chat Support
What to Expect When Servicing
Capabilities of Top Performing Businesses for this Program
• Handle 3 chats at a time
• Proficient typing skills to handle chats quickly and efficiently with high
• Must be able to type a minimum of 40 words per minute
• Skilled and efficient in written communication
• Ability to interact with customers utilizing strong written skills as well as
deep customer empathy.
• Outstanding problem-solving skills
• Ability to provide knowledgeable, friendly and eloquent customer service