Business Listings – Helping Customers Find Your Business Online

Listings are an online summary of essential information for your business that serve as a powerful tool to help customers find you online and in real life. Here’s what you need to know:


No, we didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard. NAP+W is the acronym that explains all the information that should be included in business listings.

Phone number

These four pieces of information are the business listings starter-pack. They provide the basic information potential customers need to have in order to research, contact and locate your business.

Want to score some major bonus points? Include information like hours of operation in business listings—it’s what consumers are most interested in!

Will my listings work?

The effectiveness of a business listing depends on the information’s presence and accuracy. Listings are available through a variety of sources, including search engines, online directories and maps, or social sites. When it comes to listings presence, more is definitely better. Availability on as many sources as possible will create multiple avenues for consumers to find your business. But (and this is a big but), presence only pays off if the listings are accurate. Listings are accurate if the information is correct and consistent across all potential sources. Seems easy enough, right?

Why are listings important?

Listings with good presence and accuracy will undoubtedly pay off for your business. Here’s how:

No more hide and seek

Just as the brightly lit bat signal guides everyone’s favorite caped crusader (that’s right Superman, we said it!), accurate and readily available listings will help guide consumers right to your business’s door steps.

They even have similar shapes. Coincidence? We think not…

If a business’s listing is incorrect or missing, the majority of consumers will feel less confident about the brand, likely leading them to choose a competitor’s product or service. The availability of accurate listings ensures customers are actually able to find brick and mortar locations while they’re open for business. This means money in the business owner’s pocket and, just as importantly, it means the business can be reviewed.

“In my humble opinion…”

An ample review pipeline is an essential tool for developing a business’ online reputation and fostering brand loyalty. Reviews allow customers to communicate their experience with a business to potential buyers, but if consumers can’t find a business listed online, their opinion of it won’t be well-informed. Accurate listings create the opportunity for transparency between businesses and consumers in the form of reviews, and the availability of this information will help increase a business’s visibility.

All aboard the search engine

Consistent, accurate listings and the generation of reviews will directly benefit a business’s visibility by boosting its ranking in local search engine results. Search engine optimization is a complex tool, so why not take advantage of it by simply ensuring your business is listed accurately! Increased visibility means more customers, and what business owner doesn’t want that?

Now what?

This listings low-down provides a basic definition and describes the benefits of business listings. Create listings on sites worth lots of points to improve your listings score. We’ve ranked them by importance using a lot of key factors—how many sites reference them, traffic, demographics and more.

If you need more help with LLC formation, Business Planning, Marketing services or bookkeeping, we provide an all in one platform of business solutions for your company.

Meet Productively with Alliance Virtual Offices

Meet Productively with Alliance Virtual Offices

With many companies thriving remotely and many entrepreneurs building their empires, the way of doing business is changing. However, The four pillars that remain constant and of high importance are Business planning, Business Formation, Marketing and a great accounting software. So small business owners need to move in a direction that compliments the changes and keep the constants steady in an ever evolving world. This includes, No longer needing expensive rental agreements or furnishing big spaces because businesses are finding new ways to grow and save.

This new sense of freedom also allows a company or entrepreneur to put their money and focus on what really matters. But, is there a drawback to such “freedom”?

Running a business or side hustle still requires credibility with clients, investors, and banks. This usually comes in the form of a legitimate business address to conduct said business. However, there’s a simple solution to this that can help any remote company handle the business side of things professionally and productively.

A company called Alliance Virtual Offices helps companies and their employees grow their business flexibly in this new-age business world. With high-quality flexible workspaces and market-leading tech infrastructure, they help innovative businesses scale faster. Plus, thanks to their network of 1200+ global locations, you can modernize the way you work while boosting your productivity.

Now, going back to credibility. On top of a commercially recognized address, Alliance Virtual Offices also offers fantastic meeting rooms to handle anything you need. No more looking for an alternative to crowded coffee shops and overpriced hotels. Instead, take your meetings out of the coffee shop and into a professional, private, and secure conference room where you can speak freely with no distractions.

Every meeting room provided is professionally managed and designed for business success. Think quiet environments with zero background noise, spacious seating arrangements, and everything you need for a focused, productive meeting. With flexible rates (by the hour, half-day, and full-day) and friendly onsite staff that greets visitors, you can be assured that your meeting will run smoothly and your clients will be impressed.

View everything Alliance Virtual Offices has to offer and other Business resources we offer so that you can take your business to the next level today.

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Save While QuickBooks Rates Increase.

As of July 18th, 2022 QuickBooks will be increasing their rates and July 1st, 2022 for Existing Customers. We want to help you lock in rates and save at a time when prices are going up in so many other areas of running a business.

  • July 1, 2022 for existing Simple Start and Essential customers who pay directly for their subscription and their QuickBooks Online attached Core Payroll employee fees. 
  • July 18, 2022 for all new subscriptions, upgrades, or downgrades, including Core Payroll employee fees.
  • August 1, 2022 for existing Plus and Advanced customers who pay directly for their subscription, and any standalone or attached Core Payroll employee fees.
  • September 1, 2022 for subscriptions enrolled before July 18, 2022 through the Cornerstone ProAdvisor Account Management programs, including Core Payroll employee fees.

For existing customers, price protection and hold outs include:

  • A 6-month tenure protection in place for new customers.
  • A 12-month price protection in place for QBO Advanced upgrade customers (those who upgraded from a lower SKU within the last 12 months).
  • No change to customers during the promotional period. Increases will be applied at the end of the promotional period.
  • Customers who upgrade or downgrade will see new pricing in the product.

We know this can be a challenge but we have built a campaign around helping small business owners manage their businesses’ effectively regardless of what is going on around us. Especially when the world is being effected in such a way that makes sustaining business operations a little more difficult. We are rallying up our small business owners and trying to provide solutions that help you to stay in the green and profitable.

Here’s a QuickBooks Article HERE

30%Off Monthly Subscription Lifetime Discount under Cornerstone (New Businesses)

35% Off Annual Subscription Lifetime Discount under Cornerstone (New Businesses)

40% Off Monthly or Annual Subscriptions w/ Account Management Services or any Cornerstone services (New and Existing Businesses)

If you are under another accountant we can accept your company once they release you.

5 hrs a month of Troubleshooting and Product Questions

5 Hrs Payroll Troubleshooting


A dedicated Account Rep

Call Back Request

Discounts on Forms, Checks and Supplies

New Accounts are eligible for a lifetime Discount w/ CBSLLC

3 Paid Referrals for ProAdvisor Account Manager Services =  Free Subscriptions


  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online as a primary admin.
  • Go to Settings and select Manage users.
  • Select the Accounting firms tab.
  • Select Invite.
  • Enter your accountant’s info and select Save.

We will receive an email with steps for how to connect. Accountant users have privileges to undo reconciliations, reclassify transactions, and write off invoices.

Step 2: Give Cornerstone permission to take over billing

You need to give us permission to make the transfer to let us handle billing:

  • Please have the client’s primary admin to sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Go to Settings ⚙ and select Account and settings.
  • Select the Billing & Subscription tab.
  • Select the Allow billing transfer to your accountant link.
  • Select the name of the accounting firm you want to transfer billing to.
  • Select Allow transfer.

Once you give us permission, we have two days to finish the transfer.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Online Executive Account Management Services

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Online Executive Account Management Services

As part of our campaign to assist small business owners building a firm foundation, we are offering QuickBooks ProAdvisor services on a more personal level. This is because there is a demand for a contact that knows the history of your business and you wont have to start over each time you call in with a new rep.

We know as a small business, you are always looking for extra help running your finances in an easy, efficient, and smart way. That’s why we’re excited to share that we now have the opportunity to offer our services in a more attentive way. This way you can worry about the other pressing issues of the day-to-day operations of your business while we confidently handle QuickBooks.

By using QuickBooks Online, you will save time and money because it is designed as a simple, automated, and organized platform that stores all your accounting information in one place. QuickBooks Online also helps with managing your invoices and expenses by using custom reminders and tracking features throughout its lifetime.

We are now offering Businesses a discount on QuickBooks Online :

30%Off Monthly Subscription Lifetime Discount under Cornerstone (New Businesses)

35% Off Annual Subscription Lifetime Discount under Cornerstone (New Businesses)

40% Off Monthly or Annual Subscriptions w/ Account Management Services or any Cornerstone services (New and Existing Businesses)

These discounts save you much more than the 50% for 3 months and then the bill skyrockets and you forgot you were on a trial run and your account is being billed the regular plan rate. Here’s the option to have low rates consistently.

Monthly Services Include:

5 hrs a month of Troubleshooting and Product Questions

5 Hrs Payroll Troubleshooting


A dedicated Account Rep

Call Back Request

Discounts on Forms, Checks and Supplies

New Accounts are eligible for a lifetime Discount w/ CBSLLC

3 Paid Referrals for ProAdvisor Account Manager Services =  Free Subscriptions

** This is for a 3 months of support and will end 3 Months from the day you accept this great offer

If you have any questions regarding this offer or the QuickBooks products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We hope you take advantage of this amazing offer and we can’t wait to hear how QuickBooks Online has helped you!

Invite Cornerstone as your accountant

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online as a primary admin.
  2. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Manage users.
  3. Select the Accounting firms tab.
  4. Select Invite.
  5. Enter your accountant’s info and select Save.

We will receive an email with steps for how to connect. Accountant users have privileges to undo reconciliations, reclassify transactions, and write off invoices.


Do you often answer business calls feeling rushed or distracted? Lack of focus, background noise, interruptions — they all add up to a poor call experience. For busy small business owners, this is often the reality. Good news is, we have a cost-effective solution to help strengthen your call experience and create positive impressions. Starting from just $95 per month, our team of experienced receptionists answer calls in your company name and provide a friendly, professional service for a more productive call experience. Build your brand the right way. Create positive impressions from the start and establish solid foundations for strong, loyal business relationships. 
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8 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Online Without Spending Money

As we all know, marketing our business to potential customers is a necessary part of having a successful business.

The issue with traditional advertising, such as newspaper, radio, and television ads, is that they can be expensive and may produce little or even no return on investment.

Advertising online may be a better option. You can track the effectiveness of each advertisement. Then, you can focus your marketing strategies on the techniques that are the most profitable. Plus, there are options for online advertising that don’t cost you any money at all!

Here are some free online marketing methods that you may want to consider for your business:

  1. Partner up with another expert in your field. Consider joining forces with another brand. You can then offer a more substantial product together than either one of you could offer alone.

● In addition, you’ll automatically get the attention of both audiences, resulting in more sales and adding more leads to your email list. In the future, these new leads can drive more sales of another one of your products.

● Partnering on even one marketing campaign can bring long-term benefits to both of you.

  1. Encourage user-generated content. If you can acquire user-generated content, your website will grow without you having to create your own content. This type of content also increases your website visitors. Enable comments on your website and contribute to the discussions.

● Allow visitors to submit their own articles and encourage guest posts from other experts.

  1. Affiliate marketing. When you create an affiliate program for your business, you will be getting other experts in your field and the public to send business your way. This can be mutually beneficial, and you will only be paying commissions (after the sale) if the affiliate makes a sale.

● As with the partnering technique, many of these new visitors will sign up for your email list, even if they don’t buy something right away, bringing you long-term benefits and sales.

  1. Be active on social media. There are millions of users visiting the various social media platforms daily, so it makes sense for your business to have a presence there.

● Share funny or interesting images or videos that are relevant to your business.

● Post insights and valuable information.

● Let your audience know when you have a sale on your products. Give your social media followers coupons or discounts.

● Encourage engagement by participating in discussions. Ask questions and answer theirs.

● Run a survey, poll, or contest.

● In turn, these will then be shared by your followers, increasing your reach and ultimately resulting in more sales of your products or services.

  1. Use free online tools. There are plenty of tools online that can help your business. You can sign up for websites that will enable you to create free surveys, or you can use a free online service to send emails to your customers. You do not have to pay a premium to receive top-notch service.
  2. Change and reuse old advertisements. Rather than going through the expensive route of creating new articles with every marketing campaign, try reusing parts of an advertisement that worked well. This will save you time and expense.

● Plus, keeping consistent brand imagery through every ad will help with brand recognition too.

  1. Build an email list. If people are visiting your website, chances are good that they are interested in what you have to offer. Make a form available for them to join your email list and be kept in the loop about future product releases or special offers.

● Once they’ve signed up to this email list, you can send emails to these prospects with news and further information about your products. Let them know whenever something goes on sale.

● Email marketing is one of the best ways to drive sales. Treat your list members like gold, because that’s what they are to you and your business.

  1. Create some video content. Video content is incredibly important nowadays as the younger generation would rather watch a video than read a blog post. If you can create interesting videos, you’ll create interest in your brand.

It’s certainly possible to do online marketing without spending money. Some of these methods might take some time and effort to implement, though, before you see profits.

For example, it can take a while to build an email list. However, once you have a list, making sales can be as easy as sending out an email to your list. Once you’ve built a social media following, making sales can be as easy as making a post on your social media accounts.

If you want to see an immediate ROI, like for a special promotion, you may want to consider paying for ads online. But if funds are tight, be patient as you put these free strategies into place, and soon you’ll have plenty of ways to make immediate sales for free.

Work From Home With Quickbooks

Work From Home with Quickbooks today and receive a discount if you need to use the software to run your business finances.

Cornerstone has just been moving with leaps and bounds as we help people work from home during covid and we also Offer our assistance In helping startups get established with their LLC’s, incorporation, marketing products and services as well as making great connections!

We have so many great opportunities! We even have a $500 bonus for those who sign up with Intuit for Turbotax as well. So if you’re interested in working from home and can help with our Turbotax from the end of January to the end of April please sign up as soon as possible. There are certain requirements and eligibility Request that we have to make sure you can meet so call us to Join our team!

We need you!!

Please remember in order to receive your bonus you have to include in the referral section number 924426 in order to get these fantastic bonuses!

But don’t forget we have 40% off for 6 months months when you sign up with us to use Quickbooks for your small business needs.

So work from home with Quickbooks today and make an additional stream of income.

Join our dynamic team and enjoy great Perks!

What is Your Unique Value Proposition ?

What do you bring to the table??

When creating your business plan you must take the position of being different.. In order to differentiate in a saturated market you must have what they call a unique value proposition or a unique selling point.

When you talk to potential lenders and investors or you’re just trying to pitch for your business you should always include these these 4 things.

1.  Always identify your target market and your audience. Who are the people that you KNOW and have identified as needing what you are offering.

2. Check what your competitors are up to. Observe their approach, stance and strategy that they have in place to address the issue. This is important because their perceived pain point of the customer may leave plenty of room for you to either improve on the issue or tackle a different perspective. This gives way for point number 3….

3. You have to do something different.  Then what your competitors are doing. The main idea here is to stand out. As discussed above, It should be something that they have not addressed or solved. When dealing with similar Products or services, what makes you shine, is when you confidently stand on facts that showcase that you have a different/unique vantage point within the same industry on market. So go check them out…know the pain points of your audience.

4. Let your belief system and passion for what you do push your purpose for offering this product or service. People will recognize and value your business. Hence Unique Value proposition.

Sometimes you can have the exact same thing as another business but because you have a different perspective, show hard evidence that solves the identified problems and present the timely execution of your plan differently, you’ll grab their attention. Your personality is a selling point as well….and to remind you this needs to be communicated within the first 2 sentences

Remember to always compliment the buyers journey and you can steal your competitors customers if they do not have their online presence current.

Cornerstone has so many different resources and information to share with you for business success. Our partnership with LivePlan to write up business plans for funding, investors and lendors will increase your level of success by 30%. One month is included for free when you purchase one of business bundles. Click on the link in the menu to set up an consultation. We can get you started with your business and help you with marketing as well. Everything on one platform to make your day-to-day processes seamless for your business. We know there’s not enough hours in a day to do everything. We can help!