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Cornerstone Business Solutions partnered with Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc with the goal to assist people from all walks of life to experience the freedom of working from home as an Independent Contractor. Cornerstone has been awarded as a Premier Partner within Arises’ approved network of vendors, making us one of the most trusted and valued out of hundreds of other IBO’s. We have shown that our CSP’s are top performing, dedicated and highly professional in providing services from their home office. Wether you are a student, stay-at-home Mom or Dad or Military, Veteran or the spouse of a Military hero you can utilize your professional background and obtain certification to reach your goals working from home. Those that need the opportunity to obtain experience for building those outstanding resumes, we will assist you in building a foundation for your career and future!2016-03-02 21.33.47

The CEO, Makiba Simmons -Ahearn, is a mother, wife, business owner, performer, and has over 20 years experience in HR, supporting executive levels of management and Customer service. She as been successful in  home schooling, managing the home front and  has a disability all while maintaining the opportunity to work from home! And she wants to share how she does it with you. Working from home provides flexibility, autonomy and more time to spend with family for this CEO. The opportunities and benefits to work from home for major companies can not be offered by your regular brick and mortar , 9-5 job!

Arise  offers an amazing opportunity to partner with Cornerstone and provide the best and top performing Client Service Providers! They’re a company that provides our clients (wide variety of corporations in the U.S., Canada and UK) with round-the-clock customer service, sales or technical support through a network of independent incorporated business partners supplying in the aggregate over 25,000 certified Client Support Professionals (CSPs).Cornerstone Business Solutions is the ultimate experience in working from home. We are a legitimate, Premier Partner with Arise, and a nationwide virtual calling center that specializes in quality customer service for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. Providing you the opportunity of creating a flexible schedule, your own hours, savings, reduction in commuting and gas expenses and the most priceless of them all, spending time with your loved ones….allowing for a little more balance.circular life balance This is our main focus for you. Empathy for the changes in the business world that may evolve and providing you a solution that works. We bring the office to you.

Our Certified Client Service Providers are afforded the opportunity to work in their own virtual space, successfully, while maintaining the home front. Why? Cause there’s No Place Like Home! We work with students, Military, veterans, stay-at-home moms/dads and those who want to be a part of growing virtual trend.

We want to promote honesty and trust, complimented by your dedication and hard work to maintain a healthy working relationship. Cornerstone means support and we should uphold each other to these standards to ensure success.



WE DO NOT WITHOLD TAXES!! (you’re your own boss)

$9 – $16 PER HOUR!!



**We recruit agents from anywhere in the continental United States except for the following states:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin
  • We have other opportunities outside of Arise – Call 1-828-619-0440

277 thoughts on “About Cornerstone Business Solutions, LLC

  1. Sharonda searcy says:

    Interested in working.

  2. Tenashia Pharms says:

    Would like some information on opportunities your company and talk to you about how you feel about partnering with Arise as a business opportunity. I need to start working from home and I came across the Arise ads on Facebook and your company from their ads. Thank you on advance for you help
    Tenashia Pharms

  3. Steffy says:

    Do you need people who speak Spanish?

  4. Tai says:

    Hello. How do I get started?

  5. Ravyn Wright says:

    I am a single mother of twins and it is hard to keep a steady job with my kids health and everything. I am willing to work from Home and I have been in Customer Service all of my life, call center experience as well. Looking for a great job opportunity were I can support me and my kids. I have bills that NEED to be paid,

  6. Camilla says:

    I am interested in applying.

  7. Good afternoon. I just applied for a job opportunity via Indeed.com. I was inquiring as to the time frame in which I would receive any feednack whether positive or negative. Thank you

  8. Ashely Thompson says:

    Hello my name is Ashely Thompson. I am already registered with arise and have done my background check. I have been researching your company and I really think this will be a great one for me. I am trying to find your ib id but I’m not able to locate it. Could you send me a quick reply please. Thanks, Ashely

  9. Romena De Guzman says:

    I would love to know more about your career opportunities that matches my credentials. Please email me.

  10. Herbert Robinson says:

    Hello Makiba, Yes, would like to come back to the Opportunities – Herb Robinson

  11. Morgen Atchley says:

    Hello, I just completed and passed my CSP 101 certification with Arise today, and I am interested in working for your company, if possible. I clicked on Cornerstone Business Solutions, LLC on the list of available companies but it doesn’t have a FEIN or IBID number listed. Could you please tell me how I could obtain it?

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Morgan! We approved you and you have to sign paperwork so we can finalize the process.

      • Morgen Atchley says:

        That’s great news! Thank you kindly! I’ve just signed them, and I have scheduled a meet and greet as well. I have read LOTS of great things about you, Mrs. Ahearn, and your company!! I’m very excited about this opportunity. Thank you again so very much! God Bless 🙂

  12. Ebony Edwards says:

    Hi I signed up with Arise for an at home opportunity and I am searching now for an IBO to work for. I am an college student, mother of two, and part time worker for a seasonal position that is about to end. I need work soon. Can you please give me more info on your company. I am interested!

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Ebony! Please put in our EIN and we will reach out to you and send you information. Click on our link so that we arrange a meet and greet!

      • Ebony Edwards says:

        Hi I put your EIN number in Thursday or Friday. Still have not heard from anyone yet. I was really interested in taking the class that starts tomorrow. Will it be too late

  13. Amanda Gunn says:

    Sounds good, I plan to check into this and little more.

  14. Jackie Hattan says:

    There is so much about Cornerstone Business Solutions that’s good it’s hard to know where to begin. I searched for years to find a work from home job that’s 100% legit. My life has improved 100% having chosen to pursue this opportunity. I save so much money not spending money on “work” clothes, lunches, car expenses, etc. This is one opportunity that “sounds to good to be true”, but actually is an opportunity you should not pass up. Everything I needed to work for such a great company was already in my home.

  15. Hello,
    I am contacting you to inquire if you are actively hiring CSPs? I found you through the Arise IB partner list, and after reading your statement above believe I would be a great addition to your team. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to start our successful venture. Thank you.

  16. Maria says:

    I’m interested contact me please :-).

  17. Valari Sisneros says:

    Very excited to get started.

  18. La Donna says:

    How can I get started and our there any out of pocket costs

  19. La'Toya Malone says:

    Hello Everyone! I am so excited to have found Cornerstone Business Solutions! I have worked for many businesses in the past! What they could really offer me compared to Cornerstone was a disappointment! There is so many work from home companies out there! Some are legit and some are scams not to mention money hungry! This is definitely not one of those companies! This company really is great all the way around! It offers flexibility, care and support to its employees, comfort, ease of mind, dedication, great incentives, financial freedom ( by allowing you to make money and support your life)! Ms. Ahearn, is amazing with a heart of gold and understanding! She really does care about her employees! The dedication is unbelievable how concerned and eager to assist she is! She has definitely shown credibility to me and through representation of the Company! She stays active and involved in Cornerstone to be deliverable to her employers mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially! I am so excited about having such and opportunity to be a part of this great company and team! I am looking forward to the future!

    Thank You Ms. Ahearn

  20. mavis says:

    Hello,I live in Ghana(Africa)can I be part of this.thanks

  21. Betty Cox says:

    I would like to hear more about your career opportunities.
    Betty Cox

  22. Setirah Bercy says:

    Hi I am interested in learning more about working from home. Have been interested for a minute. My contact information is (504) 610-9550 teendee71@yahoo.com
    Thank you for your time.
    Setirah Bercy

  23. Super excited to get started. I have no school children at home any more, can type 77 wpm and very dependable.contact me at 832-646-0293 if you need additional info.

    Sincerely, Teresa Reesman

  24. Carolyn Wilson says:

    I need make extra money part-time to pay off student loans and preparing to work after I retire.

  25. Felicia says:

    Where do I go to apply? I am interested in applying.

  26. Tammy Savage says:

    Mrs. Hearn,
    I spoke to you earlier today. I have filled out your application here. I will call you as soon as I’m released. I look forward to joining your team 🙂

  27. Darius Scott says:

    I am a CSP registered with Arise looking for a good IBO. What are your service fees? Thanks

  28. Mike Poku-Marcus says:

    Hello, I live in Manchester, UK. I’m interested in this work from home job. How can i be part?

  29. Beth Baker says:

    I’m interested in learning more and would like more info. Please email me at your convenience.

    Thank you.

  30. Kimberly says:

    Like more information about working from home

  31. Toi McNair says:

    I have already completed application.

  32. josephine swingle says:

    I’m interested in work from home. I.’ve worked since I have been ten years old. I’m now 59 and am looking for a job. That I can do from home

  33. william smith says:

    I am interested in the opportunity. I am semi retired but need something to do please text me. Thanks bill

  34. Dorothy Ortiz says:

    Good morning,

    I am interested in the work from home position. I have over 10 years of customer service experience and would like to learn more about this great opportunity to work from home. Please notify me at ranee0485@yahoo.com with any additional information.

    Thank you kindly,


  35. Mayra Rivera says:

    What do we do?

  36. Dorothy Ortiz says:

    Good morning,

    I have Customer Service experience and I’m very interested in the “Work From Home” position. I would like more information about this great opportunity, so feel free to contact me via., at ranee0485@yahoo.com

  37. Vanessa Richardson says:

    I will like to try working at home

  38. Rhonda Allen says:

    What all do I need to have and do to get the job and work from home?

  39. Karen Bianco says:

    I am a 57 year oldlooking for a job With very little success. I am very interested in working from home.

  40. Marsha says:

    Hi, I’m still interested in the at home position and I have over 10 years customer service experience, 4 which were with the United States Army and the remaining in the civilian world. I have over a year of working from home and it’s the best for me because I can be home with my girls and help them with their homework. Can someone please reply and let me know how to get the process started. Thanks😊

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Marsha! We have sent you 3 emails. Please follow the instructions in the emails for setting up meeting times, profiles, webinars etc. We look forward to chatting with you.

  41. Debra Vogt says:

    Interested in information on working at home! Please contact me via email if you need any more info! Thank you!

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Debra! Please fill out the application link in the left and our admission team will send you information necessary to understand what steps are necessary to get started.

  42. Pamela Spencer says:

    Hi,I am a mother and a housewife who is very interested in working from home. You can contact me at 404-931-0169 or 478-420-2316

  43. Debbie Davis says:

    I’m looking to work from home. I’m soon to be 56 yrs old and I’ve been driving 1hr to work and 1hr home for 15 years. I’m ready to stay home but need income to do that. Please let me know what I need to do to insure to be able to work from home. I can be reached at my email address debnran@yahoo.com or at 573-473-9132.

    • msahearn says:

      Hello Deborah! We are having a Webinar tonight at 6:30pm EST. Please join us!We just tried to contact you for the webinar tonight regarding work from home opportunities with Cornerstone. Here is the link and the perfect opportunity to ask questions. Please click on this link before 6:30 pm EST.


  44. Lesley Farnsworth says:

    Good morning. I am interested in learning what you have to offer and how I can work from home. I have years of sales expertise, a people person, always focused on my goals. Looking to secure employment with flexible hours and no pressure of driving all over the city.

  45. Dmitriy says:

    Good Day! If I’m not from US will I have ability to get the job?

  46. Valencia Sanders says:

    Interested in learning more

  47. Phillips james says:

    I am interested in working at home, contact me via email please and thank you!

  48. Natae Lyle says:

    I am interested in working at home, contact me via email please and thank you!

  49. Dalli says:

    Am a mom and very interested with the position work from home for me to support my family, please contact me via email if you require any info.

    Thanking you

  50. Pam says:


    I am interested in the work from home position . Please contact me @ 416 346 5298 if you require additional info .


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