Pledge Drive Opportunity

Everybody can WorkPledge Drive Opportunity

Cornerstone has partnered with KahlCenter to provide exceptional customer service for pledge processing and fundraising for Non-Profit organizations. This is a great opportunity for holiday money, a part time job or an introduction to Virtual Job opportunities for the first time! It is seasonal throughout the year! You will be taking pledge donations with premiums (gifts) offered as a thank you for pledging to programs and various other non profit organizations. You will not be soliciting pledges! Members watch the programming and call in to pledge their support and you will be taking the pledges that people call in to make. The training is self paced and you can get amazing assistance from our IB! We are recruiting for our pledge drives through out the busiest months of the year and there is possibility to work year round based on your performance.

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This is a really fun project! I have numerous agents that have worked the previous pledge drives now and they have made really good money. We have agents that have been in this current drive and made over 1000.00 in 2 weeks, won iPads, vouchers, upskills and gift/monetary awards for their performance . It is simple to do

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Enroll in certification

Join Support group with 400+ other Agents

Meet with CEO for onboarding

Certify with our top assistance training

Do Vocal Test  and Video Interview ( Instructions on Youtube)

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Pay is per talk time minute and the potential to make some great spending money for the holidays is there. This is 24/7 shifts and you will be choosing your own hours. Minimum working is 10 hours per week. There will be heavy call volume during these months. If you are interested the fee for this client is $35 (which covers your background check, training materials and support when its convenient for you) when you enroll today in this drive. We also have fees vouchers to pay for your course. Please ask for more information.

Dont miss out on this opportunity! It is ongoing during Pledge drive months (August, Oct, Nov/Dec, March and June) So if you do well you will be able to return for every drive and the enrollment fee of $35 you only have to pay 1 time. We still have spots available for this amazing opportunity.


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(the fee includes your on boarding, background check and certification for PBS. We have vouchers while supplies last)


  • 1. Private Location (with door that closes)
  • 2. A room free from ALL background noises (crying babies, barking dogs, people talking, TV, radio, etc.).
  • 3. Windows Based PC with Anti-Malware Security Software.
    Mac/Apple systems are not compatible with ACD Direct platforms and programs. Chromebooks do not provide full functionality necessary to run our programs and platforms
  • 4. Effective April 1, 2019, Windows 10 will be required as it is necessary to run the MAX integrated softphone.
  • 5. Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • 6. CPU (Intel or AMD) 2GHz processor (or equivalent)
  • 7. Google Chrome browser
  • 8.Internet connection should meet the specifications outlined below. An audit of systems may be conducted to ensure compliance. Minimum bandwidth requirements are 512K Upload, 1.5Mbps Download.
  • 9. Current internet connection must be via a private access point with ONE of the following: a) Cable b) DSL c) FiOS
  • 10. You will not need a dedicated phone line. ACD Direct offers the use of the MAX integrated Softphone which will be used at no additional cost.
  • 11. You will need a USB headset with the following features: a) Noise Cancelling b) Corded/USB


VOCAL ASSESSMENT – acd-vocal-assessment-script

As always if you have any questions then please contact us at 1-828-619-0440. Email once you have looked over the opportunity, can meet the tech requirements and have submitted payment and we can secure your spot for the current drive and schedule a meet and greet.
Please look at our other opportunities listed on our site through Arise! We look forward to working with you!