Joining Cornerstone IBO

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Getting started begins here:.

FIRST You will have to take these steps and keep in mind that ARISE is looking for those who will put their best effort forward and have the talent which is commensurate with the professionalism needed to serve their clients. The following assessments are no different than interviewing for college, corporate or other jobs. :


  • When Asked for who referred you please enter yes and CSPID/ IB ID # 924426 (In order to receive Bonuses)
  • Complete the Background Check  which will take 1-3 days to be processed. You will receive an email with the results. (pls see end notes)
  • Wait for considering formation via email that your background check has cleared.

Arise Admissions Support is available Monday – Friday 10am-6pm once you create your profile OR call 1-828-619-0440 and we can assist you.
Once you get through the Admissions Phase please <a Schedule w CBSLLC
THEN you will be asked to:

  • “Join a pre-existing corporation entity affiliated with Arise Virtual Solutions.” or an incorporation page and here you will enter  Cornerstones IB ID #57082
  • We receive the request and send you and email notification.
  • Please go back to the portal and fill out the necessary NDA and waiver and enrollment with Cornerstone. You will be a subcontractor receiving a 1099.
  • You are ready to look at opportunities listed on the Arise Portal. Please choose carefully and read thoroughly the requirements and qualifications as this will become your SOW (Statement Of Work) agreement and you will be awarded off of your adherence to it.

Excellent!! You are now part of the team and we are on our way to getting you up and running towards a successful journey from home!

While waiting on your background check or taking your course start making sure all your tech requirements are in order. You have to complete this before your certification and commencing active work for your client. So you have time…use it wisely.

Certification should be viewed as a business investment rather than a business cost. In most cases, the cost of the certification class can be recovered in less than 40 hours of servicing. In addition, the cost of the certification class is a ONE-TIME fee and, unlike other certifications such as an insurance or accounting certification, Arise’s clients do not generally require Client Support Professionals to become re-certified on a yearly basis.


If you are looking to change your IBO:

If you want to change your Independent Business:
1. Go to the Arise Portal
2. Select Drop/Change IB from the My Info menu. A new window will display.
3. Ensure that “Request to move to the following IBO” is selected. Enter the new IB ID in the field (IB# – 57082)
4. Click Search.
5. After you confirm the name is correct, click the Proceed button. When you see the “Request submitted Successfully” message, you’ve successfully notified Arise of your request.

*Personal Requirements

  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must be a resident in the United States (At this time, we are unable to accept individuals in the states of MA, CA,MD, CT, OR, & NY)
  • Must be able to pass a drug test at any given time.
  • Must be able to complete all assessment and/or certifications
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