Cornerstone’s products and services are customizable to capture the full dynamic of your vision for your company within our Business Bundles. They cover the two main building blocks of our SMB’s within competitive industries, which are Marketing and the Business Essentials needed to secure the best ROI. The advantage of having the flexibility to customize your bundle yields the best compliment to you and your clients mutual experience all on ONE platform!!

The Streets Are Talking!

Your Online reputation is important to your businesses’ life and longevity, especially in these uncertain times. Therefore, We have formulated the Business Builder Bundles to fit the ultimate Marketing needs for your company, increase findability and accuracy amongst thousands of other business listings on search engines and pinpoint areas of improvement with analytical data reporting daily and monthly! In order for our team to prepare and implement strategical solutions for a perfect Business Bundle we will take a look at the current state your on-line status. Something like a check up. Your Doctor cant prescribe a medication for an issue he doesn’t know exist yet, right? So we do our assessment and test on your business and present to you your results in the form of a report card! Our online report cards give measurable results to set your business on the path to excellence, scalability, exponential customer retention, great sales results and growth!

Allowing us the opportunity to assist you in gauging real time results with our snapshot reports will open the right set of circumstances to facilitate the correct management of resources, virtual solutions and products to execute a plan that builds your business and online presence . This analysis establishes the need to resolve areas of improvement and enhancement by :

  1. Identifying inaccurate business listing information and correcting errors on multiple directories to enhance your search rank
  2. Update and edit business information to sync across sources from one platform
  3. Analyze your mentions over the internet to increase your discoverability and promote high rank within search engines
  4. Managing your Social Media Platforms all in one place including posting, generating leads and other reports from activity, engagement and reviews on your respective accounts.
  5. We can monitor ad campaigns under one roof so you can see what’s working across various platforms Read more
  6. Click the “How’s My Business Doing” to get your FREE Digital Report card!

Once we receive your results, your business will be able to choose from the best technology has to offer.

Let’s Build Together!